a network of support services
throughout Northern Ireland

About Us

Beacon believe that Social Care is an essential public service that provides day-to-day care and support where needed, to enable people to live full and active lives. We believe that high levels of emotional, psychological and social wellbeing are essential components of flourishing mental health.

Our Mission

To work in partnership with individuals and systems to cultivate their capacity for creativity, care, compassion, realism and resilience. To promote and support the recovery of hope and ambition for flourishing mental health.

Our Values


Providing a Mental Health and Social Care service that is based on personalisation and recovery.

Providing comprehensive, innovative and evidence-based social care and quality professional service delivery.


Acknowledging the uniqueness of the individual.

Promoting and sustaining independence, wellbeing and social inclusion.

Supporting people to exercise choice and control over their lives, including focusing on safety and risk-taking, not merely minimising risk.

Understanding and valuing diversity and difference.


Promoting honesty in all relationships internal and external.

Promoting partnership with service users, carers, volunteers, staff, health professionals and other external agencies in the planning, development, evaluation and monitoring of services.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)

Niamh’s mental health and learning disability services are subject to RQIQ quality assurance inspections. Below are some comments from RQIA Inspection Reports from across these services:

Discreet observations of care practices found that service users were treated with dignity, kindness and respect. Discussions with staff reflected a person centred approach is used with service users.

Discussions with service users concluded the quality of their lives has improved significantly as a result of attendance. Many said the ongoing support from staff and friendships with their peers helps them to maintain good mental health and coping mechanisms.

Monitoring visits were carried out regularly and the reports showed that the quality of the centres operations was examined in details. Monitoring reports were of a high standard.

Staff and a volunteer expressed very positive views of the quality and the range of training provided by Niamh. Members who met with the inspector unanimously expressed positive views on the help and support that they gained from the service.

Objectives in support plans were mainly written from the perspective of the individual member, giving the plan a strong sense of belonging to the member, while also facilitating the recognition of achievement when an objective is reached. Expected outcomes were clearly stated, as were actions required to achieve outcomes. The effective use of this constructive model is commendable.

The manager and staff are commended for their continuing commitment to involving members in the running of the centre, and to seeking developmental opportunities, including funding, for the various projects and activities that contribute to this high quality service.

The centre was judged to be providing excellent, compassionate care.